"Retreat? Hell. I'm just advancing in the opposite direction." - Lt. Gen. Richard Frenders, on his withdrawal of troops from combat on Kessel, in Military Transcripts: Year 2869, Commonwealth Military Press, 2870

If you do not know what TeamSpeak3 is or have not used it before consider visiting our Getting Started section to learn more.

The LCAF Hub's TeamSpeak3 server is refered to as the LCAF Communications Hub. It is the central point of communication, coordination and community that we all use.  With over 30 Units comprised of nearly 250 pilots of varying play styles, skill levels, and decades of devotion and history behind them it is a fun place to be.  As the central point of collaboration with other House Steiner Units and the Mercenaries contracted to House Steiner, there is no better place to be in the fight.  Be sure to read the rules and we look forward to having you drop with us!


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The LCAF Hub Teamspeak3 puts a lot of power in terms of rules into the hands of the CO. Units usually have private behaviors that are acceptable to that Unit. The following rules apply to public behavior and exchanges and use of the TeamSpeak3 constitutes that you understand, will comply and will report if others do not.

All Users

  • Do not spam other Users through the use of PM’s, pokes or within the channel chat
  • Racial, sexual and religious vilification is not permitted
  • Personal attacks are in bad taste and are not permitted
  • Do not under any circumstances impersonate other Users or act on their behalf without their consent
  • Ask for permission before recording voice chat
  • Do not switch into a Units channel without first making sure they aren't having a private event
  • Joining channels that you do not usually associate with for the purpose of trolling is also not permitted
  • Do not transmit music over TeamSpeak3
  • Do not use the File Browser option to share Copyrighted material or large files
  • Moving people from channel to channel without consent is not allowed

If you are a CO/XO or User with Admin privileges...

  • If someone is in Time Out, leave them there. It's for a good reason
  • Do not add or remove tags not belonging to your Unit, this does not include Vetted Merc, Hub Cadet and other non-privileged/non-Unit tags
  • Poaching, or intentionally recruiting Users already affiliated with a Unit, is looked down upon greatly. Don't do it
  • The same goes with Scalping, or putting Unit tags on Users new to the LCAF Hub TeamSpeak without them having had time to visit other Units
  • Time-Outing Users without any real purpose for doing so is not allowed, you do not have permission to use your powers for the sake of using your powers
  • The only time you have permission to use your Admin powers is if someone is breaking the rules, or needs non-Unit/non-Privileged tags. You have Admin status because you are seen as a responsible person, do not prove us otherwise
  • It is best to discuss any incident with another Admin/CO before taking action, if there is no other Admin available, document the incident to the best of your abilities and use your powers to your discretion