"You have to question the sanity of anyone who claims that history is filled with honor and moral deeds. Either the man is a lunatic or is too stupid to understand what historians throughout the ages have been trying to say." - Thelos Auburn

Unit Tag: [DOGS]
Website: http://mwomercs.com/forums/topic/59516-devil-dogs/
Voice Server: ts1.housesteiner.com
Timezone: US
CO/XO Contact(s): Star Colonel Erich Peiper(CO)
Unit Type: Clandestine Mercenaries


 The Devil Dogs are an unit within the Wolfs Dragoons.  Our origins are from beyond the periphery, and we carry on the traditions of our forefathers into our current touman (order of battle and traditional command structure).  Our missions for our present employer: LOKI, takes us on both sides of the border in the Clan Wars seaking out our very specific targets.  Though nominally based on Outreach, our fleet and technology allows us to use whatever we need to accomplish our missions, whether we are posing as Inner Sphere or Clan.  Our missions usually take us into the dark underbelly of humanity, criminal, cult, and terrorist organizations that seek to destroy all of civilization - evils that go well beyond that of the politics of the major powers.  If the LCAF is the sword and shield of House Steiner, we are the stilleto and garrot of the Inner Sphere.