"Retreat? Hell. I'm just advancing in the opposite direction." - Lt. Gen. Richard Frenders, on his withdrawal of troops from combat on Kessel, in Military Transcripts: Year 2869, Commonwealth Military Press, 2870

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Mission StatementOur mission is to provide a community environment for independent House Steiner Units, allied House Davion Units, and those Mercenary Units loyal to each of them in MechWarrior Online. This environment will encourage resource sharing, enhance teamwork, and foster friendly and productive community growth through a common communications medium, the LCAF Communications Hub.

CommunityOur community is one of competition. Through this community we work to build a common ground between House Steiner Units and their allies. This common ground will provide the camaraderie and resources to be competitive. Being competitive is always having a chance to win, ensuring pilots will enjoy the game, and building a reputation within the MechWarrior: Online community. By giving unit pilots and leadership a common area and communication hub to share ideas, knowledge of game mechanics, battlefield tactics, and information on enemy units, we increase our competitiveness and there fore the fun we have.

This community is not a chain of command. No one will have authority over you or your gaming experience. To accommodate cooperation towards common goals while respecting the individuality of player groups, the idea of Battle Groups was formed for interaction in the community. 


 [Above diagram shows the concept of the communication of the LCAF Hub (the website) and the LCAF Communications Hub (the Teamspeak3). At the base are all pilots interacting, sharing their knowledge and experiences, and building a community. Each Battle Group is independent of each other, with their own respective chains of commands. Battle Group Leaders share a discussion forum to represent their group to bring up issues, coordinate efforts in game, and evolve the Battle Groups to meet the needs of the game. On top is titled "NPC Archon" as no player will assume the position of Archon, it will be held by the developers and game mechanics (PGI).]

BattleGroupsIn addition to the LCAF Communication Hub's goal of encouraging communication between each individual pilot, the Hub is also set up to support the idea of a Battle Group. A Battle Group is a unit or group of units with its own chain of command independent of other Battle Groups. Since each Battle Group has its own chain of command, it will not be interfered with by other Battle Groups regardless of individual rank. Emphasis on each Battle Group is its own entity.

The idea of a Battle Group rose from the requirement of flexibility. Without knowing exactly what we will be able to do on a strategic level within the game, a form of cooperation between groups needed to exist before knowing what the objectives of that cooperation would be. The idea is designed to remain simple and adapt to any situation we find ourselves in, so input on the idea is not only encouraged it is required to meet the organizational challenges we will face in the future.

Hub ResourcesBy combining resources and organizing we will achieve more as a House than we can as separate Units. Recruiting tools are offered in the way of forum and website advertisement of Units, a large recruitment pool of available pilots, and volunteer training groups to assist pilots with learning basic piloting and teamwork skill sets. In addition knowledge of website and graphics creation will be shared along with other common issues that the community wants addressed.


As PGI slowly released details of their new MechWarrior game that was in development, the idea for creating a unified tool to support a Steiner-loyal MechWarrior: Online community was forged in angst.  After all, as you can imagine, some of the founding members had been part of loyal online Steiner units dating back to MPBT: Solaris.  The realization that the respected House Structure that had been the foundation of our Lyran affiliation was not going to be implemented by PGI created a bit of an identity crisis. 

With the help of some new friends who had come to our TeamSpeak with an interest in being part of House Steiner, the idea that we could help build a community, bound by the love for House Steiner and honorable gameplay with like-minded individuals and units slowly took shape.  The Hub was introduced to the Mechwarrior: Online community on August 1, 2012 as one of (if not the) first faction-oriented communications Hub. 

Now as the game has evolved so has the Hub to become the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces Hub bringing together the many House Steiner Units and Mercenaries who fight for House Steiner in a efficient and robust website and Communications Hub, a testament to the community that has grown here.  We continue to suport our mission of collaboration, communication, and community in the name of the Archon and victory as we enjoy a game environment we love to play within.  Welcome!



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