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  • GDPR Patch v1.4.170.0 and your Free 'Mech
    Thursday, May 24th 2018 @ 10AM – 1PM PST Patch Number: v1.4.170.0 please note the exe reports that it is version this has no effect and will be fixed with the next patch Portal...
  • Hotter than Heck Buy a New Mech!
    Hotter than Heck Buy a New Mech! Turn up the AC, Grab a Cool shot, and buy a new Mech. Starts: NOW! Ends: Monday, May 28th 5 PM PST (Tuesday, May 29th 00:00 UTC) Mech Variant ...

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  • Thursday, May 24th 2018 @ 10AM – 1PM PST
    Patch Number: v1.4.170.0
    please note theexe reports thatit is version this has no effect and will be fixed with the next patch
    Portal patch size is 21 MB
    Steam patch size is 47 MB

    download link:

    Greetings MechWarriors,

    As previously mentioned, we are patching MWO today in order to comply with GDPR.
    Primarily this affects you by having to agree to the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
    To do this you will need to log into the website after the patch.
    You will be prompted to read and accept the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    This post provides the details as to the intent of these updates.
    Feel free to discuss the changes to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in the forums.

    Thank you for keeping your account up to date!
    The MechWarrior Online Team

    Patch Notes:

    Updates Terms of Service: https://mwomercs.com/terms
    Updates Privacy Policy: https://mwomercs.com/privacy

    Free Champion 'Mech:

    As a thank you for keeping your Account current, we are giving you the Nova Champion 'Mech and a 'Mechbay.

    • Once you accept the updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy your account will be up to date
    • The 'Mech will be added to all up to date accounts every hour on the hour, starting after the Patch is live.
    • If you do not receive your free 'Mech, please contact Support.
    • The end time for this 'Mech give away is TBD.

    Misc Bug Fixes:
    • Bushwacker Geometry Fixes
    • Rifleman Weapon Geometry Fixes
    • Battlemaster Pattern Fixes
    • Flea and Hellfire Camo Spec Colors Removed
    • 'Mech Max Armour Save bug Fixes
    • Various Solaris City Collision Fixes

  • здесь обсуждаем новые патчи без флуда.
  • Hey, wie der Name schon sagt.

    Meine Meinung ist absolut negativ. Während ich eine gute Stadt-Karte mag (MW4 Vengeance yay), enttäuscht mich das hier. Theoretisch ist das generelle Layout gut, ich mag Karten die einem Team keinen extremen Vorteil geben.

    Aber die Nachteile, schlechte Performance, Flickernde Werbeschilder die mich extrem ablenken und stören, die Texturen der Häuser, die Farbgebung, all das stört mich doch sehr und ich muss sagen, dass ich gerne sehen würde, dass die Map rausfliegt. Auch, weil sie einige Waffenkombinationen schlichtweg nutzlos macht.
  • вводим в redeem
    HAPPYHOLIDAYS (можно копипастнуть)

    неделя халявы
  • Posted Image

    Mechwarriors of Clan Nova Cat, here you will find a gathering place. Feel free to plot, plan, organize, or peruse the chatterweb.

    The wise Nicholas spoke to them all
    Through the haze of their anguish;
    His passion flowed through the doubt,
    His conviction tore at the fear
    He was become the living legend.
    Phillip listened and believed;
    He would follow this great man
    As he had followed the father
    Into Exodus, and hope.
    -- The Remembrance (Clan Nova Cat), Passage 14, Verse 1, Lines 1-9

    And in her vision the wolf howled,
    But the nova cat paced steadily on,
    Undisturbed by the petty battles
    Others fought, trying to cage it within the bars of
    Thoughtless sameness. The nova cat gazed
    Straight ahead, its heart and mind devoted to
    The Ways of Seeing, devoted to a more perfect life.
    -- The Remembrance (Clan Nova Cat), Passage 50, Verse 5, Lines 26-32

    Link to Clan Nova Cat International's Discord: https://discord.gg/zruN9H6

  • Update 3/21/15: Adding link to the material node group, courtesy of Andreas80. Added tutorial 3.
    Update 8/16/15: Changed to no longer use Noesis, and good ol' Mech Importer updated!
    Update 11/24/17: New tutorial videos!
    Update 12/31/17: Another new tutorial video! Cryengine Importer, with FULLY RIGGED MECHS!

    Material file for Mechs:

    TheSkiDog's mech shader (large):

    Training video (1/2): Converting Cryengine Files:

    Training video (2/2): Bulk Converting Assets, setting up a depot:

    Bonus Training video (3/2): Printing Mechs via Shapeways (Courtesy of Jacob Soloman)

    This is a basic tutorial on how to access the PGI assets to create your own MechWarrior based fan art. PGI has given permission for this to happen for non-commercial purposes, so if you're interested in creating your very own Catapult complete with custom paint jobs and poses (or heck, even animation if you're so motivated) without being limited to just photoshopping the stock images, this guide will help get you started down that path.

    This guide is focused on using free (as in beer) software. There are opportunities to use other software such as 3DS Max, which was originally used to create the models and will have correspondingly better results. However, for those people who don't want to invest $3000 in software, these free solutions will give you all the tools you need, but require a bit more effort on your part.

    Software you will (probably) need: Install all the software on your machine. This is not a tutorial on how to install/configure, but rather how to use the tools to get what you need. There are plenty of resources out there on each of the tools above, and as with everything (especially Blender and GIMP), it's going to take a LOT of practice to be good at using them.

    The Cryengine Converter program (cgf-converter.exe) should be put into a location that is easy to access. I made a folder on my D: drive called D:\scripts, and put that in the path. It makes it easy to access from anywhere in the file structure.

    Game Files
    The default installation is c:\games\Piranha Games\MechWarrior Online. FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD, EVIL AND CHAOTIC NEUTRAL IN THIS WORLD, DON'T WORK ON THESE FILES! Copy them someplace safe that you can destroy accidentally and repeatedly without having to reinstall the game or causing it to have issues. You have been warned.

    Extract the files using 7zip into a directory structure. Keep in mind that some image files don't go into the Mech directories, so it's usually safest to unzip all the .pak files. This takes a bit of time and disk space, but then all the assets are there. I have them all extracted to "D:\Depot\MWO". Make a note of your version of this location, as you'll use it later! THIS IS CALLED THE OBJECTDIR, and is used frequently.

    Ok, the first step (making a backup of the game files is step 0) is to find the mech files. I'm not going to specify the location, but you should be able to figure out where they are located fairly easily. This is where the 7zip software comes in handy.

    Once the objects are extracted, fire up Powershell. Ideally you've extracted the .pak files into the Cryengine directory format, so there will be a \Textures, \Objects, etc. Go to Objects\Mechs\Catapult to find the Catapult files. It'll look like this:

    Posted Image

    As a general rule, the mech model files are under Objects/Mechs/<mech_name>/body. So go to the body directory. There will be a TON of .cga and .cgf files. These are what you want to convert to .obj.

    Now run cgf-converter on each of the files in this directory. You can use a foreach statement to do it all in one swoop. Remember, if cgf-converter.exe is not in the path, you have to specify the location of it.

    foreach ($file in (get-childitem -Recurse *.cga,*.cgf,*.skin,*.chr)) { cgf-converter.exe $file -objectdir "d:\depot\mwo" }

    NOTE: Use the -objectdir argument! It handles the materials a lot better when you do. Your objectdir will probably be different than mine, so use the proper value.

    Cryengine Importer:

    Now you'll have a whole bunch of .dae files that Mech Importer can use.

    Install the Cryengine Importer add-on in Blender. Watch the tutorial above on how to add it, and it'll go over in great detail about how to install and import a mech (assuming you've already converted the assets!).

    Using Camo Patterns:
    The camo patterns are also part of the game files, using the RGB image files you'll see when looking at their files. Sparks Murphy wrote up a handy tutorial later in this thread on how you can use those with GIMP to customize your mech even more. Now you can have your mech match the paint scheme you have for your game mech! The details can be found here:


    It's also described in greater detail in the tutorial video (part 2), so watch it!

    And that's about it! You now have a mesh in Blender of your favorite mech that you can basically have your dirty, dirty way with.


    Blender Youtube tutorials (great way to start learning Blender):http://youtube.com/cgboorman
    Blender tutorials (highly recommended): http://cgcookie.com/...tion-beginners/

    Include the following copyright statements on work you publish.


    Some material posted is copyright © 2012 Piranha Games Inc. and/or their respective licensors. All rights reserved. MechWarrior® is a registered trade-mark of Microsoft Corporation. All other trade-marks are the property of their respective owners; ® or ™ as indicated.

    Here's a nice thread that discusses what you can and can't do regarding monetization:


    Special thanks to Kwibl of Death's Hand Bridage for all his assistance on this, Gwaihir for reminding me about the cryengine model plugin, Joe3142 for his additional instructions on how to get the maps loaded up, Sparks Murphey for the RGB file info, alfalfasprossen for the tip on getting access to the cfa files, and Andreas80 for the MWO Camo node group for Blender. You guys all rock!

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