"In times of great danger, the best person for any job that gives life and death power over the people is usually the one trying his damnedest not to be chosen." - From Fighting for the Commonwealth: A Biography of General Edward Regis

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  • Epic Cyber Monday Deals!
    Cyber Monday Sale Starts:  Nov 26th, 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, Nov 27th 00:00 UTC Ends: Nov 30th, 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, Dec 1st 00:00 UTC    In Game MC Content Sale Starts:  Nov 26th, 4 PM PST,...
  • Biggest Black Friday Ever!
    BIGGEST BLACK FRIDAY EVER! Black Friday Sale  Starts: Nov 21st, 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, Nov 22nd 00:00 UTC  Ends: Nov 26th, 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, Nov 27th 00:00 UTC    Black Friday...

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  • вводим в redeem
    HAPPYHOLIDAYS (можно копипастнуть)

    неделя халявы
  • In the BattleTech Forums, there was a guy named LegendKiller, who made banner templates based on various cannon units in the style of the Battletech banners. I asked him if I could use the template to make my own banners and he said he was cool with it. After that, I decided to go nuts and make a few banners of my own. They were so well received, that even the devs in the BT forums liked them and put it on Facebook and Twitter. So here are some of the Banners I wanted to share. I'll be sharing more if I can.

    IS Units:
    Posted Image
    The "Big 4" Clans:
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
  • Dunno if I'll keep up on it, really depends on if mood, circumstances and commissions keep the art juices flowing.

    But for now, instead of running 1000 posts, I think I'll try centralizing again.
    Some are WIP, will be updated with final pieces as they are finished, but here is where I am sitting on current projects:

    Whelp, due to Photobucket's shenanigans, I have closed both accounts there. Anyone curious why,


    Posted Image

    that's it for now. Feel free to give feedback, critiques, etc. Also, feel free to look over at my DeviantArt page, contact for commission work, etc.

    Cheers, fellow mechwarriors..... see you all dirtside!

    Oh...and with the recent Photoshop bullcrap causing me to lose all my links... and thus having to take down my stuff....
    Posted Image

    and a new edit:
    Posted Image

    Virgin casting of the Dingo. Gauging interest now, more info in the link.
  • *I took the inspiration from this topic*

    Its no secret there's a lot of mercenary corps out there and it can be sometimes a bit of a hassle looking through each group to find the right one for you. In order to help individuals find their right home I've decided to make a hiring hall thread. To help shorten the process between hiring please follow a few simple rules and a template. Remember to keep notifications up and check your pm's if you post here.


    #1 No spam. If you see someone you like pm them rather than post in this thread. It will help avoid clutter.

    #2 If hired please delete your post, otherwise you may continue to receive offers.

    #3 No hassle, there is no control on what goes on in this thread or outside, but that can't stop people being banned by mods and admins for abuse.

    Dependant on how things go we'll see if more rules. Here's the template (which is subject to change based on feedback) Answer best you can, what you can, or what you feel comfortable revealing. Although it is recommended you be descriptive as you can.



    Preferred Weight:

    For those who need an example, here's one below (and no don't pm me asking to hire this guy) This is NOT a real character (I hope) Depending how well you fill it out will be how fast you get scooped up. If you do not wish to answer a question simply put "N/A" or "Prefer not to say"

    Name: Little Ponie
    Callsign: IWUBPONIES
    Timezone: GMT+00
    House/Faction: House Steiner
    Playstyle: Lone wolf + Raider
    Roletype: Recon
    Preferred Weight: Assault
    Experience: The Ponie Clan Atlas Recon Team.

    Any questions or suggestions feel free to send me a PM, please do not post here as it can and will cause clutter and confusion. A suggestion I could make though is for someone to make a good sister thread to this listing and organising all the clans, outfits and corps out there, recruiting and not recruiting.

    *UPDATE: 11/10/2012. I apologize that I had an unexplained leave of absence due to real life issues and was unable to respond to those who had questions. I'm quite pleased at how well this thread has turned out and has been used. I hope most of you have found units to go to and I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.*

  • Battle for Tharkad
    Start Date: Wednesday, Nov 22nd - 00:00 UTC
    End Date: Sunday, Nov 26th - 11:00 PM UTC

    Tharkad Is under siege! Clan Jade Falcon and Steel Viper have carved a path into the heart of House Steiner and now look to claim the Capital of the Lyran Commonwealth. Seeking to not be the first of the great houses to fall to the clan onslaught, Archon Katrina Steiner has called on allies from across the Inner Sphere to defend Tharkad and push back the invaders.

    Participate in the Battle for Tharkad!
    Ties are extremely unlikely!
    Ends During Peek Population Hours on Sunday!
    Choose a Side and Win a Mech! (not Victory Dependant!)

    And for the Loyalists...

  • Cyber Monday Sale
    Starts:  Nov 26th, 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, Nov 27th 00:00 UTC
    Ends: Nov 30th, 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, Dec 1st 00:00 UTC 
    In Game MC Content Sale
    Starts:  Nov 26th, 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, Nov 27th 00:00 UTC
    Select Premium Time 50% off MC Price (Available in the in-game Store)
    Select MC Colors 50% off MC Price (Available in the Customization Menu)
    Select *Decals 25 % off  (Available in the Customization Menu)
    *Decals on sale do not display as "on Sale" properly, however, the discounted price is correct.
    DECAL REG PRICE 500 - 25% = SALE PRICE 375 MC
    DECAL REG PRICE 180 - 25% =  SALE PRICE 135 MC
    Select Mech Pack Sale 30% off Available on the website 
    Starts:  Nov 26th, 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, Nov 27th 00:00 UTC
    30% is the Biggest Discount we have ever offered on Mech Packs!
    Resistance Heroes  - Package Page
    Javelin - Package Page
    RoughNeck - Package Page
    Assassin - Package Page
    SuperNova - Package Page
    Clan Heroes - Package Page
    Bushwacker - Package Page
    Marauder IIC - Package Page
    Linebacker - Package Page
    Huntsman - Package Page
    Night Gyr - Package Page
    Cyclops - Package Page
    Viper - Package Page
    Phoenix Hawk - Package Page
    Kodiak - Package Page
    Archer - Package Page
    Rifleman - Package Page
    Warhammer - Package Page
    Marauder - Package Page
    Origins IIC - Package Page
    Resistance II - Package Page
    UrbanMech - Package Page
    Clan Wave III - Package Page
    Resistance - Package Page
    Clan Wave II - Package Page
    Clans - Package Page

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