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  • MWO Anniversary Event and Sales
    MWO Anniversary Event and Sales Starts: Sept 19th 5 PM PDT (Sept 20th 00:00 UTC)Ends: Sept 25th 5 PM PDT (Sept 26th 00:00 UTC)   Boosted Heroes* C-Bill Bonus Raised from...
    Greetings MechWarriors, A Hot-Fix is scheduled to occur today, September 19th at 2:00PM PST (21:00 UTC), to address the following fixes: Micro Laser Heat Scale warning message no longer contains...

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  • MWO Anniversary Event and Sales

    Starts: Sept 19th 5 PM PDT (Sept 20th 00:00 UTC)
    Ends: Sept 25th 5 PM PDT (Sept 26th 00:00 UTC)


      Boosted Heroes*

      • C-Bill Bonus Raised from 30% to 50% additional C-Bills During this event

      • *This includes all Heroes, Specials, Loyalty, and Founder Mechs.

      Heroes Bundles offers


      Premium Time on Sale

      • 50% off all levels of premium time available in-game store

                                    360 DAYS PREMIUM TIME

      24,000 - 50% = 12,000 MC

                                     180 DAYS PREMIUM TIME

      13,500 - 50% = 6,750 MC

                        30 DAYS ACTIVE PREMIUM TIME

      2,500 - 50% = 1,250 MC

                                          7 DAYS PREMIUM TIME

      1,250 - 50% = 625 MC

                                         3 DAYS PREMIUM TIME

      650 - 50% = 325 MC

                                            1 DAY PREMIUM TIME

      250 - 50% = 125 MC


      Double XP

      This Weekend is a Double XP weekend for All modes! That's twice as much XP as you would normally earn!

      • Earn Double The XP in every Match and every Mode! 

      • Be sure to have active Premium time to make even more C-Bills!

      Example XP earnings

      Regular XP

      Double XP

      +50% Boost From Premium Time

      100 XP

      100 XP x 2 = 200 XP

      200 XP + 50% Premium Time boost = 300 XP


      Double XP Conversion 

      • Convert XP at Double the Rate! In-game

                     Regular XP Conversion Rate

      Double XP Conversion Rate

                               Convert 25 XP for 1 MC

      Convert 50 XP for 1 MC


      Xp Conversion Rewards

      • Earn Rewards as you Convert Mech XP to GXP


      Customize your Hero bundle

      5 Days Only

      Starts: September 15, 2018, 12:00 am UTC
      Ends: September 20, 2018, 12:00 am UTC
      Extended: Sept 25th 5 PM PDT (Sept 26th 00:00 UTC)

      Hero Bundle Options
      6 Group 1 Hero Mechs for $30 USD
      5Group 2 Hero Mechs for $30 USD
      4Group 3 Hero Mechs for $30 USD
      3Group 4 Hero Mechs for $30 USD

      Purchasing a Burst Fire Hero Bundle Qualifies toward the MC Tier of the MWO Annual Rewards Program.

    • Greetings MechWarriors,

      A Hot-Fix is scheduled to occur today, September 19th at 2:00PM PST (21:00 UTC), to address the following fixes:

      • Micro Laser Heat Scale warning message no longer contains debug text.
      • Escort game mode bug has been resolved and is now re-enabled.
      • The Incubus INC-5 'Mech now has the correct amount of 1 missile hardpoint on the right arm component instead of 2.
      • The Piranha Cipher PIR-CI 'Mech is now properly displayed in Select 'Mech screen if owned.
      • The Vulcan Bloodlust VL-BL 'Mech's in-game name is now properly displayed as Bloodlust instead of VL-BL.
      Patch Size: 8 MB
      12 Challenges with awesome names
      3 million C-Bills (double if you have the TSP)
      300 MC
      12 Cockpit Items
      5 days
      1 MechWarrior (that's you)
      TSP Owners receive 250,000 C-Bills Per Challenge Completed!
      "this may be the best event I have ever made and you can quote me on that"
      "Just kidding. Don't quote me on that... Why are you still writing?...
      Let me see what you wrote down... Hey! .. Stop! Give me your Pen!"
      Matt Newman
    • вводим в redeem
      HAPPYHOLIDAYS (можно копипастнуть)

      неделя халявы
    • On behalf of Sons of Odin [-SO-].

      Due to a changes in MWO done by PGI have interfered with how the clan warfare is played out and that those changes in turn have changed payers playing habits we in -SO- want feedback on who that are playing MWO on a regular basis. The reason behind this request is to know how to most easily organize Faction play drops drops.

      We would really appreciate if you as a part of -SO- or wanting to become a part of -SO- could fill out the votetablet below so that we can get at better picture about the future of our Faction play drops.
      Thank you in advance.

      On behalf of Sons of Odin [-SO-]
    • Greetings!

      My name is Paladine and I am here to tell you that the Golden Foxes are seeking mechwarriors of good humor and good disposition on an ongoing basis. Great skill is less desired than a great personality; we can train one, but not the other.

      The Golden Foxes are the new Mechwarrior division of the DJO, a larger gaming organization that has been around for over 15 years now, since the days of X-Wing vs TIE Fighter and the Zone. Our founding members are all gaming veterans dating back either all or most of that time, and have been playing together for years. We pride ourselves on having an attractive site, reliable officers, and a military style structure.

      Despite that, we in the Foxes are essentially casual players, interested in making new friends, helping teach new players and working on their builds, and striving towards developing skills and builds for all players that will ultimately make them effective contributors in competitive teams. For less competitive types, we want to nevertheless simply be good friends to group and play with. To those ends, we are presently using Teamspeak for communication and coordination in-game, and request all members to use voice comms when playing together.

      While we do play to win, we do not take ourselves too seriously. As long as you are friendly and trying to move with the team and actively trying to follow the directions and orders of the officer leading the drop, nobody is going to be chewing you out and kicking you for missing that one shot, or falling off the bridge, etc. That just means it's time for more practice.

      At this point, we are a mid-sized unit, and are still growing. As such, there are also plenty of opportunities for motivated members to help steer our course and actively participate in the development of the unit.

      What We Want From New Recruits
      • Good character and personality
      • Ability and willingness to use Teamspeak
      • Relatively sociable
      • Willingness to listen to and work with a team, and to follow orders during organized drops
      What We Don't Want From New Recruits
      • Rudeness, abrasiveness, and unfriendliness
      • Unwillingness to help less experienced pilots learn the game
      • "Raging" when you die, lose, etc
      Please feel free to check us out athttp://fox.darkjedi.org and sign up here!

      Anyone is welcome to apply, simply enlist on our site.

      We know we cater to a particular kind of relaxed, friendly, and mature gamer, and that does not speak to everyone. If it does sound interesting to you though, feel free to head over andsign up on the site!

      We look forward to hearing from you!


      Golden Foxes
      Leftenant Colonel, 1st Battalion

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